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Lou-Air Australia’s bus air-conditioning history dates back to 1997, when its first 61+ passenger bus air-conditioning unit was manufactured with the intentions of satisfying its client’s requests for a sustainable, efficient, and easily serviceable air-conditioning system that was also cost effective for both installations and services. With this in mind, Lou-Air Australia designed the prototype to its Challenger series which then underwent a retrofit installation at Bayside Buslines (QLD). The unit was a success, ticking all the boxes, and proving its reliability year after year, while serving as a benchmark from which Lou-Air’s future units could still aim to improve upon.

Since its prototype, the Challenger series has undergone several model improvements and can still be seen on client bus tops to this day.

Lou-Air Australia’s bus company clients extend from Queensland through to Victoria, as its expansion campaign continues to occur throughout Australia’s eastern coastline and hinterland.

Retrofit Air-Conditioning Unit Installations:

Although a tedious process of redesigning bus rooftop supports and inside ducting channels as well as compressor brackets and pipework layout, Lou-Air Australia has retrofitted many of its units to clients who either sought air-conditioning comfort or wished to replace their existing units due to tiresome faults or expensive services.
This option enables the comfort of air-conditioning to
clients with buses:

  • fitted only with shuttle air systems or no systems such as school buses and generally older builds commonly used as motorhomes and the like, and/or,
  • with poorly fabricated and somewhat faulty designed units in need of redesigning.

Notably a more labour-some task than bus body built installations, Lou-Air Australia still offers retrofitted unit installations at competitive prices that are aimed to match our rival’s standalone unit price.

Bus Body Builder Air-Conditioning Unit Installations:

Lou-Air Australia has been contracted through several of its clients to install air-conditioning systems to newly fabricated buses in a development line. This usually takes place through a bus body builder as a simultaneous project to the bus’ fabrication, enabling easier pipework layouts, and unit fit-outs such as ducting channelling which can take place before the bus’s interior undergoes fabrication and development. Compressor bracketing is carried out to the engine bay as the rolling chassis is still being developed.

The unit’s installation and final commission dates are aligned to the bus’s final completion stages therefore optimising the most efficient project development possible so clients are not kept waiting.

This option is usually cheaper for clients as most of the unit’s installation work is accommodated through the bus development and is essentially selected for newly designed and fabricated buses.

The common bus body builders that Lou-Air has been contracted to are:

  • Bustech
  • Mills-Tui
  • Veolia Transport
  • Mt Gravatt Bus Services
  • Cooma Coaches
  • J & B Bus Services
  • Geelong Bus Services
  • Oasis Monorail
  • Bayside Busliners
  • Daddows Bus Services
  • Goodna Christian School
  • Steve’s Minibus Service
  • Heavy Hunter Vehicles
  • Caloundra Christian School
  • Chinchilla Bus Services