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Founder, Lewis Arakelian, has 40 years experience in refrigeration and air-conditioning, with the last 21 years servicing the automotive and bus air-conditioning industry. Past air-conditioning projects include, Pacific Fair, Hilton International Hotel and Conrad Jupiter’s Casino. Lou-Air has been servicing all major brands of bus air-conditioning for large and small fleets over the past 21 years, and has gained an extensive knowledge into the control systems, serviceability and reliability of all the major international brands.

Lewis was asked 15 years ago to design, manufacture and install air-conditioning units for several bus companies that shared a common interest to improve upon their bus air-conditioning unit’s service expenses. Of which, the development of the serviceman-operator-friendly bus air-conditioning system was conceptualised.

The Challenger and Oz-Star series were the products of the development of early models which have proven over the years to be simple, practical, serviceable, reliable and cost effective bus and coach air-conditioning units throughout the Australian market. With a creditable 15 year history, these units have withstood the test of time, raising the bar in bus air-conditioning reliability and performance throughout the industry.

With the aim of being the most efficient unit in the industry, Lou-Air’s latest Challenger upgrade, the S4L, implements improvements in several aspects, one in particular being a significant air-flow increase. The S4L is readily available for the Australian bus and coach air-conditioning market, already making a huge impression and proving to be yet another success.

Lou-Air continues to provide the highest levels of technical support through their quality-assured services, and also in the revision and amendments to their manufacturing procedures, documentation, service and operator manuals and installation manuals for their customers of both body-builders and owners alike.

It is the company’s belief that the S4L continues Lou-Air Australia’s campaign on providing Cost effective, Reliable, High Performance air-conditioning systems that are designed and manufactured under Australian quality control for the demanding conditions of the Australian operators.